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competitor noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes Oxford Advanced Learner's' Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.
Word Origin early 16th cent: from French compétiteur or Latin competitor, from competit- 'striven' for, from the verb competere, from com- 'together' petere 'aim' at, seek. See competitor in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary See competitor in the Oxford Learner's' Dictionary of Academic English.
competitor meaning of competitor in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
somebody's' main/chief competitor The company's' main competitor is Vodafone. somebody's' closest competitor also somebody's' nearest competitor British English someone's' main competitor He had five times as many votes as his nearest competitor. somebody's' biggest competitor someone's' main competitor, especially in business The company's' biggest competitor is in financial trouble.
The vidIQ Competitors Tool confirms your YouTube competitors and helps you discover what content is working for them and why. A competitor is someone publishing content to YouTube in the same topic space as you, so having that kind of data handy is incredibly useful in understanding what might work for you, or what you can improve.
Competitor - definition of competitor by The Free Dictionary.
Astor should he be able to carry his scheme into effect; but they anticipated a monopoly of the trade beyond the mountains by their establishments in New Caledonia, and were loth to share it with an individual who had already proved a formidable competitor in the Atlantic trade.
COMPETITOR meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
chief/main/major competitor At least one major competitor is gearing up to provide local service at lower prices. domestic/foreign/overseas competitor In an effort to undercut foreign competitors, the company recently unveiled a low-end model that sells for as little as $360.
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The idea is not to copy your competition, but to leverage data to improve upon them, and use this knowledge to create better experiences for your visitors. Let's' look at a real-world example.: Imagine you operate a pet supply store, and youre one of a few competing stores in town. Your customers are happy, but you know they also visit other stores because they can't' buy everything in one place. So you go on a road trip to gather competitive intelligence. You visit the other stores to understand the popular items they offer. By offering these items yourself - or even superior ones - you help your customers make fewer trips, and in turn, you gain more business, and eventually, brand advocates! There are many ways to do a competitor analysis for SEO, but the fundamental process works like this.: Identify your competitors.
Commerce Commission - What is a competitor?
They also include any potential competitors who may choose to compete in your market in the future. This could involve a competitor from a different geographic location expanding into your area or a competitor deciding to expand its offering to target a different part of the market.
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History and Etymology for competitor. Learn More About competitor. Post the Definition of competitor to Facebook Share the Definition of competitor on Twitter Time Traveler for competitor. The first known use of competitor was in 1534. See more words from the same year.
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But ask that same person how seriously her company actually assesses competitor reaction, and she will probably roll her eyes. In a recent survey conducted by McKinsey Company, two-thirds of strategic planners expressed a strong belief that companies should incorporate expected competitor reactions into strategic decisions.
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Enter a competitors domain to find their most shared content. Analyze what works for them by filtering according to networks, formats andauthors. Competitor content performance. Get detailed competitor performance reports. BuzzSumo reports show you what is working for your rivals, including average shares by network, content format, length and publicationdate.
Competitor research guide for start ups Start Up Loans.
Where is the competitor a threat to your business, and has the competitor identified new opportunities in the market? Products - List the product and services your competitor is selling and at what price. What pricing structures do they use?
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To get a keen sense of upcoming threats, take a good look at numbers related to growth, or anything that signifies change over time. For example, a competitor that is small but has a high follower growth rate might present a bigger threat that a large competitor with stagnant growth.

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